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With 38% of her land recognised as wildlife areas, Botswana is a beauty to behold with several places to visit wildlife and enjoy a natural and diverse landscape that includes the Kalahari Desert. She is home to the largest elephant population on the globe and the world’s largest producer of diamond.


Home of the magnificent renown pyramids, Egypt is an attractive tourist destination because of its history of ancient civilisation. Visiting her archaeological sites is like going back in time. A cruise on the Nile also offers a variety of activities so any traveller has a range to pick from. Water activities in the Mediterranean sea, Red sea and the Sinai are part of the mix too.


The only absolute monarch on the African continent, The Kingdom of Eswatini is packed with goodness in each corner, with its size being a great plus factor for one to see all the wonders (located within two hours of each other) it has to offer within a friendly period. Packed with lively scenery, birding experiences, adventure within the formations, rich cultural experiences and events, and original craft work derived from the kingdom’s culture, Eswatini is without a doubt a worthwhile destination to go to.


An old country whose geography has preserved its culture and history deeply making it truly unique. Also renowned as the birthplace of coffee, she is also home to the oldest bipedal human fossils making her known as “the land of origins”. Today, she has past and present beauty to offer in her rich culture, historical sites, dramatic scenery and wildlife all packed with different activities.


With over 100,000 archaeological and tourist sites, Jordan clearly has a wealth of ancient places to look at. Boasting of six UNESCO world heritage sites (among them Petra- one of the seven wonders of the world), it is definitely a wondrous destination to consider.


Embark on a captivating journey through Kenya’s untamed landscapes, where the thrill of encountering majestic wildlife meets the allure of ancient traditions. Experience the magic of the African savannah as you witness the awe-inspiring Great Migration, a timeless spectacle of nature’s grandeur. 


Also known as “the warm heart of Africa” because of the people’s friendliness, Malawi boasts of beautiful multifaceted natural scenery that’s found within her rather small borders, and a rich cultural heritage- making her a gem to behold. With the 3rd largest freshwater lake on the African continent that covers nearly one fifth of the country, it is a sure site to visit once in Malawi.


One of the best known tropical paradises there is. A perfect mix of natural and human habitation. Without indigenous people that inhabited the island, it is a beautiful blend of races that came and left a mark on its known culture today. All around its aura is a taste of African, Chinese, European and Arabic fusion right in each area of social life.


Versatile. Both culturally and geographically, diversity is what Morocco has to offer. So much so it ranks among the top tour destinations on the African continent. With historic and captivating architecture preserved over the rule of different dynasties, beautiful beaches, mountain ranges, the Sahara Desert, various ethnic traditions, and religions- one is bound to be spoiled for choice on where to start your trip.


With a variety of ecology within the Bazaruto archipelago and several beautiful beaches, Mozambique is ideal for beach destination tours. Also quickly picking up pace in wildlife tourism, with restored wildlife conservation areas makes her a place of intrigue for tours.


Another African country with a great deal to serve in tourism is Namibia. Blessed with different kinds of terrain makes it simply captivating. Desert, savannah, wildlife, water bodies, ephemeral and perennial rivers, rock formations and coast- a lot to see one could be spoiled for choice.


The Sultanate of Oman is a unique base for cultural tourism- the wealth of it drawn right from her history that is still etched in her modern-day exploits. Alongside that are other activities befitting tourists- rock and mountain climbing, touring archaeological sites, exploring her sea and landscapes with springs, caves, islands and more.


Another African country with a great deal to serve in tourism is Namibia. Blessed with different kinds of terrain makes it simply captivating. Desert, savannah, wildlife, water bodies, ephemeral and perennial rivers, rock formations and coast- a lot to see one could be spoiled for choice.

South Africa

A popular tour destination for what she has to offer. Heavy on wildlife with a huge percentage of the world’s elephant population. Her mega diversity ranks high, attracting tourists and scientists alike. From her wide coast with amazingly scenic views, high and low veld, bustling cities and towns. A rich history and culture, and a plethora of tourist activities- she is a beauty to behold.


Nestled in the heart of East Africa, Tanzania is a land of breathtaking contrasts and unparalleled natural beauty. With iconic landscapes that range from the vast plains of the Serengeti, where the annual Great Migration takes place, to the snow-capped summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, Tanzania offers a kaleidoscope of wonders waiting to be explored.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates tourism sector was built with intentionality as she is a nation whose wealth is substantially* in oil. Her diversity makes makes her an appealing and choice destination with much to offer ranging from different culture, (with Persian, Islamic, and Arabian influences) magnificent infrastructure as seen in their architecture, rich heritage, artificial islands, beaches, and desert safaris.


At Aura Safaris Africa we truly believe that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa. It is blessed with abundant biodiversity, crystal clear lakes, tropical rain forests, stunning landscapes, snow-capped mountains, priceless unique natural attractions, and friendly people. The country has got a variety of things to offer, and yet Uganda is still unknown to so many travellers.


The pioneer of walking safaris. The great Victoria falls is the first thing that may come to mind when the land of Zambia is mentioned, and rightfully so because it is truly a wonder and the largest waterfall in the world. Home to over 10 other waterfalls, a great addition to these already existing fascinations is the vast wildlife in the game reserves, and preserved natural forests for birding experiences.


Endowed with vast wildlife, and the magnificent Victoria falls (along the Zimbabwe-Zambia border), Zimbabwe has such captivating tourist locations that suits her reference as the “world of wonders”. From ancient cities, to game parks and highlands among them, five recognised as UNESCO world heritage sites.

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