Egypt is an attractive tourist destination because of its history of ancient civilization

Experience the Journey Through Time and Civilization.

Home of the magnificent renown pyramids, Egypt is an attractive tourist destination because of its history of ancient civilization. Visiting her archaeological sites is going back in time. A cruise on the Nile also offers a variety of activities so any traveller has a range to pick from. Water activities in the Mediterranean sea, Red sea and the Sinai are part of the mix too.


Pyramids of Giza

They have stood the test of time, about a great 4 millennia. An epitome of an architectural feat that still causes amazement to date, they are a must see while in Egypt.

Egyptian Museum

One of the oldest homes of Egyptian history. Packed with relics and artefacts from her civilisation through centuries.

Valley of the Kings

A burial ground for ancient Egyptian pharaohs and nobles in more than 60 tombs, a history-rich destination to see.

Luxor temple

An ancient religious hub with temples and a coronation centre preserved through millenia. In short, Luxor is an open air museum.

Nile River Cruise

Travel along the Nile making stops at tour sites in between and enjoy spectacular scenery along with it.



8 Days, 7 Nights Pyramids and Nile Cruise by Air From Cairo

8 Days, 7 Nights, From $1500
This 8-day tour of Egypt offers a captivating journey through the country’s historical and natural wonders.

6 nights Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Abu-Simbel, Nile cruise & Red Sea from Cairo Airport

6 Nights, From $1,380
Enjoy a full day snorkelling tour in Hurghada and discover underwater life in the Red Sea.

White Desert Tour From Cairo

2 Days, From $154
An adventure in Egypt’s white desert and Crystal mountain, a tour of the Black desert and the Bahariya oasis.

Day Tour to Cairo from Port Said

12-13 hours, From $280
Cairo Day Tour from Port Said, is the most popular tour to visit Cairo from Port Said.

3 Day Siwa Oasis Tour

3 Days, From $270
The Siwa oasis is one of the Western Desert’s most magical areas, but it’s more than an 8-hour drive from Cairo.

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