Experience the Warmth of Eswatini’s Hospitality and Local Traditions

Discover Eswatini's Cultural Riches and Stunning Landscapes.

The only absolute monarch on the African continent, The Kingdom of Eswatini is packed with goodness in each corner, with its size being a great plus factor for one to see all the wonders (located within two hours of each other) it has to offer within a friendly period. Packed with lively scenery, birding experiences, adventure within the formations, rich cultural experiences and events, and original craft work derived from the kingdom’s culture, Eswatini is without a doubt a worthwhile destination to go to.


Ezulwini Valley

Named “the place of heaven”, Ezulwini is a tourism hotspot with several wildlife sanctuaries and with historical and cultural significance as a resting place for Swazi kings.

Nsagwini Cave Shelter

An interesting area of rocks with art of human experiences from about 4,000 years ago, expressing their social and spiritual lives delicately in the paintings.

Sibebe Rock

The largest (granite) rock in Africa, and 2nd largest in the world. About 3 billion years old, Sibebe rock has geological significance and a hiking wonder.

Mkhaya Game Reserve

A beautiful sanctuary for endangered species (white and black rhino), a home as well to other wildlife species. Mkhaya is worth a visit.

Ngwenya Glass

Recreating broken glass by recycling it and producing beautiful pieces of art for both usable and decorative purposes through the old practice of glass blowing, Ngwenya is a must-see in Eswatini.

Shewula Mountain Camp

A community-run eco tourism project. Gain insights into the traditional way of life of the residents. Experience the natural wonders of Eswatini- take in the breathtaking scenery of the Lubombo mountains and more outdoor adventures.



2-day Safari at Hlane Royal National Park

2 Days, From $304.60
View the big 5 in Hlane royal national park, maximising time with morning and evening game drives to enjoy the wildlife in this time scope.

Day Trip – Hlane National Park

From $400
Get the most out of your visit to Swaziland’s Hlane Royal National Park with this guided day tour via an open safari vehicle.

3 Days Cultural Swaziland, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and Hlane National Park

3 Days, From $1640
Experience the best of Swaziland’s rich cultural heritage and captivating wildlife in a remarkable journey.

2 Day Eswatini Cultural and Scenic tour

2 Days, From $470
Delve into the heart of Eswatini’s rich culture and stunning landscapes in a memorable 2-day journey.

5 Day Eswatini Tour

5 Days, From $885
Discover the captivating beauty and vibrant culture of Eswatini in a carefully curated 5-day journey.

2 Day-Hlane National Park Safari

2 Days, From $1120
Experience the thrill of a 2-Day Hlane National Park Safari, immersing yourself in the breathtaking wilderness of Eswatini.

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