Explore the Mystique of Ethiopia’s Historic Route and Rich Culture.

Land of Ancient Wonders and Modern Charms.

An old country whose geography has preserved its culture and history deeply making it truly unique. Also renowned as the birthplace of coffee, she is also home to the oldest bipedal human fossils making her known as “the land of origins”. Today, she has past and present beauty to offer in her rich culture, historical sites, dramatic scenery and wildlife all packed with different activities.



A stage for mediaeval civilisation and still in use today, the set of 11 churches in Lalibela are an architectural feat carved out of rock from the 12th century.

Semien Mountains National Park

A spectacular landscape created by erosion on the Ethiopian plateau where the park is located is worthwhile on any visit. Being home to threatened animal species, it is honoured as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Danakil Depression

Hottest place on earth all year round, Danakil has hot springs, salt lakes, colourful acidic springs and the Erta ale active volcano makes it a truly geological marvel.

Sof Omar Caves

The longest cave in Africa, about 16 km long, was formed by the changing course of the Weib river creating about 40 entrances to the cave. The caves also have a religious history as a place of prayer for muslims and others. Their extensive and unique curves make them an alluring destination.

Ruins of Axum

A former kingdom that held its glory in times past, Axum is now a present relic with her history written all over her. The city was also a site for crowning Ethiopian emperors in the past.

Fasil Ghebbi

Transporting you to a bygone era, Fasil Ghebbi is a historical treasure declared a UNESCO world heritage site. It showcases remarkable architecture and craftsmanship of old in churches, monasteries, castles and palaces from Ethiopia’s imperial past.



Tigray Church & Ballooning

2 Days, From $400
More than 100 rock-hewn churches within the Tigray region, they are such an interesting cultural heritage.

Bahir Dar and Gondar

3 Days, From $610
Major historical sites with great monasteries, the ancient palace of Fasil Ghebbi and museum.

Danakil Depression Tour

3 Days, From $350
Discover the Hidden Treasures Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Nxai Salt Pan Adventure.

Omo Valley Tour

8 Days, From $1800
Discover the Hidden Treasures Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Nxai Salt Pan Adventure.

Guassa Community Wildlife Safari

3 Days, From $1200
Embark on an extraordinary adventure to the enchanting Boteti Delta, a hidden gem within Botswana’s vast wilderness.

Awash National Park & Aledeghi wildlife reserve

2 Days, From $299
Delve into Ethiopia’s natural wonders and wildlife diversity with an unforgettable 2-day adventure.

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