Fly-in Safaris

Fly-in safaris provide quick, seamless travel from point A to B, giving you more time on that unforgettable African safari. 

Fly-in Safaris

Fly-in safaris are a much more convenient and time-saving option, maximising your time on the ground and allowing you access to remote, off the beaten track parts of EastAfrica Although typically more expensive than a drive-in trip, it can well worth spending the extra cash for such a sensational trip. ​

Typically, a fly-in safari package will include flights via a small Cessna or Caravan aircraft from the international airport where you first land – and the journey across beautiful landscapes on a tiny plane is a unique experience in itself. You’ll head out into the bush by air, sometimes landing on just a dirt airstrip in the middle of the wild, which adds another edge to the spirit of adventure. This is a really fantastic way to see the wilderness and you’ll get some awesome views from the air on the way.

A fly-in safari is perfect for travellers who only have a few days to see the wild. Swap hours of tedious travel in a car for a short transfer flight and you’ll be saving all that time up to spend on game drives and at your camp where the real safari adventure lies. Many fly-in safari packages allow you to cross borders and hundreds of miles for a really complete experience.

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